IMPORTANT: In order to be a part of this you must be a member of our Facebook group. You can join here: Ready Set Comedy Facebook Group

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining. So here is how this works (keep in mind this is a brand new concept as far as I'm aware so we are open to suggestions). In order to grow our podcast, we've been offered a large sum of money for 20% equity. The money would go to marketing. We turned this down. Why? Because we are hoping to do things a little differently. We want to give you a piece of our show instead. Here is the plan. Podcasts get roughly $55 for every thousand listeners of an episode. Here is a calculator you can play with for a general idea

Our plan is to grow our podcast using word of mouth (you) and as a thank you, give you cash rewards. So how this works is, every month when we get payment, everyone in our Facebook group will be entered automatically to win 15% of however much we make that month. We will go live on Facebook and use a program to randomly pick a name from this groups members. Another 5% will go to charity so that even if you don't win that month, you will feel good about telling your friends about us :)

The charity will be different most months. One month we may give to a children's hospital and the next, relief for a natural disaster such as a hurricane. We may put up a poll every month to determine which charity we will use. So for example, if our podcast gets 20,000 downloads for the month (5,000 per week), we'll make about $1,100 that month. We will randomly draw a member of the group and that member would get 15% ($165) and a charity would get 5% ($55). That's not very much, but that's where you come in. Many podcasts get several million downloads a month. So if our podcast gets 4 million in a month then we draw a random member and they get 15% ($33,000) and a charity gets ($11,000)

It's basically like a free lottery that you are automatically entered in every month just for being a part of this group. Also you won't have to worry about us trying to sell you anything or a ton of posts in your feed, just show and drawing updates. Obviously like the lottery, the less people in the group the more likely you will win (it is technically possible to win more than once). However, it will just be a few bucks if we aren't getting the downloads. So the more people in the group and spreading the word about our podcast, the more each win will be worth and more that will go to charity.

So how can you help? While it's true you can do nothing and still win, and we know our podcast isn't for everyone, but the more people you tell the better, even if you can't personally stand us! When we post new episodes you can share them. You can follow us on twitter @readysetcomedy and retweet our new shows. You can invite more people to our Facebook group (this is huge). You can subscribe on iTunes or wherever else you listen to podcasts, as well as leave a 5 star review. Or you can listen on our website Here. When podcasts come up in conversation just suggest Ready Set Comedy. You literally have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!